Villa Clara Keys, Cayo Santa MarĂ­a, Cuba, December 04 to 08, 2019
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Travel tips


Option 1 (Arrival and departure from Havana Airport)

  • Arrival by Havana airport, taking private taxi transfer to the hotel in Havana
  • Overnight at hotel in Havana
  • Arriving at the venue hotel of the event taking Collective Transfer Hotel Havana - Hotel Cayo Santa Maria (by Bus, trip approximately 5 to 6 hours)
  • Hotel accommodation in Cayo Santa María during the event
  • Departure from the host hotel of the event using Collective Transfer Hotel Cayo Santa Maria - Hotel Havana (by Bus, approximately 5 to 6 hours trip)
  • Overnight at hotel in Havana
  • Transfer in taxi to Havana airport, departure from Havana Airport

We recommend collective transfers because they are less expesive, but if you want to book private transfers you can do so, as long as your flight arrives before noon. It is not recommended to travel in the evening for safety, it is a trip of approx. 400km


Option 2 (Arrival and departure from Santa Clara Airport) 

  • Arrival from Santa Clara airport by taxi to the hotel where the Cayo Santa María event is hosted
  • Hotel accommodation in Cayo Santa María during the event
  • Departure from the host hotel of the event by taking a private taxi to the Santa Clara airport



In order to enter into and departure from Cuba, an individual will be needed a six-month validity Passport, tourist card or visa and a round-trip ticket. Upon arriving in Cuba, José Martí´s airport immigration officials will request passport, round-trip ticket and tourist card or visa.


It is mandatory to hold a tourist card or visa to enter into Cuba. Upon buying your round-trip ticket, you must request the travel agency or the Cuban diplomatic representation based in your country the tourist card or visa in order to enter into Cuba.

Visa for Cuba is valid for 30 days. Whether your stay in the Caribbean Island exceeded the respective 30 days, you should renew your tourist card or visa. This legal procedure must be carried out at the available immigration offices of Cuban provinces´ capitals and must meet the following: a prior CUC tax payment in stamps which are available to buy at Metropolitan Bank branches.


The Cuban government demands a Medical Travel Insurance covered by Medical Expenditures and valid for the whole stay period. All those people who are interested in travelling to Cuba are obliged to provide a Medical Insurance covering all medical expenditures in case of either a disease or accident.


For US citizens, the Invictagroup travel agency will assist in these previous processes (contact information is provided under the US Citizen tab).



The Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) is the official circulating currency in Cuba. It can be obtained upon arriving the country, at the airport, hotels, Banks and currency exchange offices (Cadecas). The exchangeable international currencies are: Euro, US and Canadian dollar, Sterling Pound, Swiss Francs, Mexican Pesos and Japanese Yen, in accordance with the current exchange rate.


You can also use credit cards as VISA, MASTERCARD and CABAL, as long as they are not drawn from a U.S. bank.


Cuba is a very safe nation.


Cuba has a moderate sub-tropical weather. Havana and the western provinces have a chillier and nicer weather than in the Eastern region.


It is advisable to wear cotton-made clothes.


The electric current generally works to 110 V/60 Hz.



Roaming (a service that allows your personal mobile phone line to go on operating in Cuba):

Service contract with Cubacel:

Countries and operators with SMS HUB contracts:

Internet service and connection:

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